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  1. Endorsed Events are publicized and our members encouraged to attend for professional growth and education development. The sponsor may provide a discount registration fee for RRHA of Texas member participants for our endorsement of the event.
  2. Sponsored Events are arranged and promoted by RRHA of Texas. We utilize recognized professional trainers in addition to member instructors or facilitators. They will provide specific subject certified training experiences.  





 3560 Regulation (USDA-RHS)  101-A
 2 Day Course - 12 CEU Hours

Housing Tax Credit Compliance (TDHCA)  101-B
1 Day Course - 6 CEU Hours

 "HOME" Multifamily Compliance (TDHCA) 101-C
1 Day Course - 6 CEU Hours

Fundamentals of Property Management 102
2 Day Course - 12 CEU Hours

Foundations of Property Management (ONLINE COURSE) 102-E
9 hours at your own pace – 12 CEU Hours

Interactive Property Management 103
2 Day Course - 12 CEU Hours

Proactive Management Solutions (ONLINE COURSE) 103-E
9 hours at your own pace – 12 CEU Hours

Fair Housing and Accessibility 104
1 Day Course - 6 CEU Hours

The RRHA of Texas Certified Rural Housing Manager (CRHM) program requires successful completion of four (4) Pillar Courses (101-A or 101-B or 101-C, and 102 or 102-E, 103 or 102-E, and 104 within a three calendar year period of time. Successful candidates receiving the RRHA of Texas designation are also required to recertify annually to maintain their status. The annual recertification requires the CRHM designee to complete a minimum of one day or 6 CEU's of acceptable housing related training. Acceptable housing related training may include repeating an RRHA of Texas Pillar Course, other pre-approved industry related courses, or attendance at the RRHA of Texas Annual Convention and Trade Show.


Online training is now available!  The Rural Rental Housing Association of Texas in partnership with Grace Hill, is proud to provide the highest quality online educational offerings in the industry.  Developed by Grace Hill, these courses offer a unique interactive learning experience aimed at enhancing the quality of work at all levels in our industry.

Through Grace Hill, we are now able to offer two brand-new alternate Pillar Courses towards our Certified Rural Housing Manager (CHRM) designation. These new courses are Foundations of Property Management (102-E) and Proactive Management Solutions (103-E). The courses consist of a series of existing Grace Hill sessions, each ranging from an hour to three hours in length that can be taken at your own pace. For details on the course sessions, and to order these at a special RRHA discount (currently $60 per course, off the regular price of $79), please send the below order form to In addition to these hand-picked courses, RRHA members also will be able to purchase any existing Grace Hill Essentials course at a discounted price of $69.

50% of required annual CEC credits may also come from these online courses. Download the Training Instructions, Online Training Information package and FAQ’s for more information, including a summary description of course content.

When you are ready to begin training, simply click the gold “Begin Training” button below.  From site-level employees to corporate personnel and everyone in-between, 24 / 7 education is now available to you with the click of a mouse.

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