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In an effort to promote professionalism and uniformity in the management of TxRD Section 515 properties across Texas, the Rural Rental Housing Association of Texas, Inc. has developed an apartment lease, along with several other forms, that have proven their usefulness in the successful management of rural rental housing projects. These forms are available for purchase by RRHA of Texas members.

Please enter an order, in the quantity set forth below, for the approved Rural Rental Housing Association of Texas, Inc. ("Association") lease or other forms as indicated. The undersigned understands that the forms have been copyrighted by the Association and that none of the documents may be duplicated or reproduced in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying.

I further agree that I may not use these forms on any housing project or complex that is not a member in good standing, including the current payment of dues of the Association. The undersigned represents that the forms will only be utilized in accordance with this agreement. The forms are sold for use by project members and may be purchased from the Association only on the representation that they will not be resold.

The forms will be sold only in complete packets of 100 forms each, except for the Apartment Lease form, which will also be provided in pads of 10 for $10.00 per pad (this is to accommodate those projects with a small number of units). Forms will be forwarded upon payment in full or approved billing. RRHA of Texas accepts MasterCard, Visa, and American Express for payment of services and products. All form prices include shipment by fourth class by the U. S. Postal Service. An additional charge may be added for other specified methods of shipment.

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Online Training

Online training is now available! The Rural Rental Housing Association of Texas in partnership with Grace Hill, is proud to provide the highest quality online educational offerings in the industry. Developed by Grace Hill, these courses offer a unique interactive learning experience aimed at enhancing the quality of work at all levels in our industry.

Through Grace Hill, we are now able to offer two brand-new alternate Pillar Courses towards our Certified Rural Housing Manager (CHRM) designation. These new courses are Foundations of Property Management (102-E) and Proactive Management Solutions (103-E). The courses consist of a series of existing Grace Hill sessions, each ranging from an hour to three hours in length that can be taken at your own pace. For details on the course sessions, and to order these at a special RRHA discount (currently $60 per course, off the regular price of $79), please send the below order form to In addition to these hand-picked courses, RRHA members also will be able to purchase any existing Grace Hill Essentials course at a discounted price of $69.

50% of required annual CEC credits may also come from these online courses. Download the Training Instructions, Online Training Information package and FAQ’s for more information, including a summary description of course content.

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